Charming guestroom in Lot
The Lot is a region with an enviable geographical location and history. You can visit the Parc Animalier de Gramat (wildlife park) where you'll find local flora and wild European fauna.
The famous Quercy black triangle boasts a night sky free of light pollution, making it a favourite observation area that has been witnessing growing astronomy tourism over the last few years.

The region's cultural heritage is bursting with history and includes numerous monuments, castles and museums.
The Château de Castelnau-Bretenoux (in Prudhomat, Lot department), is the Quercy's most imposing medieval fortress. The castle can be seen from miles away and can be recognised by its red stone walls.
The Château de Capdenac-Uxellodunum, an ancient fortress, was the last bastion of the Gauls' resistance against Julius Caesar

Tradition is very present in the region with the result that craftsmanship occupies an important place in the hearts of the local population. There are sculptors, potters, wrought iron specialists, glass blowers and many others.
There are many caves and chasms, often harbouring parietal paintings. For example, there is the Grotte des Merveilles in Rocamadour which is classified as a Historic Monument, its highlight being the art from the Upper Paleolithic period.
The south-west of the departement (the Lot Valley) boasts one of the oldest wine-growing regions in France. Cahors wine is known the world over.
There are also plenty of leisure activities. If you've never tried canoeing or kayaking, the Lot will be a paradise for you! Cycling and all-terrain biking is widespread in the region. The itineraries are a real invitation to everyone to discover the area.
Those who love lyrical and musical theatre will be drawn to the Opéra Eclaté hosting over 20 events each year. The practical experience gained in this field has made the Opéra Eclaté an invaluable means of spreading the idea of "culture for all".
There are also many theme parks to discover in the region like the "Cap Nature", "La Forêt des Ecureuils" (Squirrel Forest) and the "Aventure Parc" for a Tarzan-like adventure in the middle of mother nature.
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